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"..It sounds fresh and this is the debut EP since their beginning in 2007. The sound and the voice remind me a little on the heavyweights, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS and GRAND MAGUS. But they put some Rock`n`Roll stuff into it too. The opener THE DAVID AND THE GOLIATH is a great forward rocking song with great guitar work. All songs are on a high quality and especially the vocals have international standard. I REMEMBER THE THUNDERING TYPHOONS (OF OLD) is another good track on that debut which features no filler. I`m impressed about that songwriting and the freshness. Good start and I hope to hear more soon!" - Jochen (


released 01 October 2008

Adventures! was recorded and engineered by Jesper Josefsson and Jonatan Hedlin at Annexet, Lidingö 2008.

Produced by Jonatan Hedlin, mixed by Jesper Josefsson, and mastered by Ronnie Björnström at Enhanced Audio Productions (Umeå).

Music by Jonatan Hedlin and lyrics by Antonio da Silva.

Logo by Tony Dianoff.

Extra guitars in tracks #2 and #3 by Erik Björkman, backing vocals on track #3 by Ricky Mehra. Organs and rhodes by Jonatan Hedlin.

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Track Name: The david and the goliath
Bicep graduate from trombones behind
but maestros self-loathing seldom returns home

Hell yeah, sign me up for one of those,
some smoke 'em and some poach 'em
but I prefer 'em stewed

I'm the david and I'm goliath
I've been a rebel for quite some time
you better keep on running baby
'cos I've been waiting for quite a while

Tricep astonished by an amateur boneprone
but sparkman reprieves and compensates you all

Hell yeah, all you puny humans, shall turn to home
some burn 'em and some cook 'em
but I prefer 'em...
Track Name: I remember the thundering typhoons of old
Young man now hear my story whole
I forget how the story used to go
get it flowin' old as the world ever knew
and I told him in mumbling words

I remember the thundering typhoons of old
brewing seas, tidal waves
I remember the thundering typhoons of old
stormy seas, big old wales

Old man now, young in mind and heart as stone
I remember how the story used to go
get it flowin' tell me how's supposed to be
and I told him in mumbling words

Mother, can't look past the horrors
Faher, tell 'em to set sails and leave
Harbor, shipwrecks at the bottom of the sea
Colors, black blues as me...

The end now, all is lost in deepest seas
I surrender with shakin' hands and folding knees
get it flowin', sometimes you just gotta breathe
so I told him in mumbling words
I remember the thundering typhoons of old
brewing seas and blowing winds
sweaty nights and scary dreams....
Track Name: Captain Haddock
Billions of billions of blue blistering barnacles
ten thousand thundering typhoons
short tempered and emotional outbursts
this is haddockism at it’s finest

‘cos I know
and you know
who I am
captain of the seas
‘cos he knows
and they know
who I am
commander of the seven seas

Lubberly scum, carpatian caterpillars
misareble molecules of mildew
musical morons, interplanetary goat
fancy dressed fascist

Billions of trillions of those miserable earthworms
A saddened type of English fish
blue bell bottomed balder dash
a thousand storms of rotten lice
Track Name: Temple Reapage
Cut my dredds and put ’em in a box
Some say I’m the smartest one
But boy I ain’t smarter than a fox
Apes are screachin’,
temple preachin’,
I can’t reach it,
Wake up, wake up
Cut my dredds and put ‘em in a box
damn I miss ‘em being bald suck
here in the far-east
no one can black out the moon
three blind mice runnin’, runnin’ for something
Around the world in 80 days
Phileas Fog my friend
Around the world in 80 days
that’s Phileas Fog
where you at
I’ve been waiting
with my money
Track Name: Lone starr in the west
Here I am with a fistful of sand dreaming of nothing but a tasty ham
lambracks, porkchops and your finest spam
heaps of gold can’t take this burden of my chest
check it out chicken chuggin’ shaggy fisherman
here I stand all alone in the middle of a desertland

There he stands dinning with a cactus In a dress
all his skeleton friends are hard to impress

Tonight there’s something special a sweet treat
With oily taste wretched reek feast
lambracks, porkchops and your finest spam